Half of My Heart

No!!! Ini bukan postingan berisi curhat percintaan. Isinya hanya curhat colongan, sebenarnya mau lanjut cerita jalan-jalan seperti TJ sebelum-sebelumnya, tapi ah sudahlah kebanyakan yang lewat! Hahaha 😦 Skagway, AK Never did I know that I will leave half (or a really big chunk) of my heart in a small and isolated city. Growing as an… Continue reading Half of My Heart

Quick Update

Just a quick update, this is gonna be so raw. I’m working on my finals,which is a case study, the description of the project was given 3 weeks ago. I’ve been browsing through youtube to watch numeruous campaigns, my lecturer said it’s important to know everything about everything so I’m taking a little step to… Continue reading Quick Update


I woke up today normally, I prayed, do my daily “business”, washed my face, and brushed my teeth. I had nothing to do and I hate the feeling of being unproductive, so I browsed my phone. Apparently terrorism-talks are still the #1 topic on my ask.fm. I am 19 myself and I definitely know that… Continue reading Recharged