I woke up today normally, I prayed, do my daily “business”, washed my face, and brushed my teeth. I had nothing to do and I hate the feeling of being unproductive, so I browsed my phone. Apparently terrorism-talks are still the #1 topic on my I am 19 myself and I definitely know that killing people is killing people, it is not a cool thing to do, nor a right thing to do, not even if you do it in the name of God. I am not judging people of a specific religion for I know that they are innocent, and I certainly understand that it is impossible to spread a perception. Perception is made in a human’s thought, it is unique and there is no identical perceptions.

Out of nothing I made myself read those terrorism news, I mean the new ones (Australia’s &France’s) and I realize I live in a completely different world than I thought.  I read those new with my misty eyes. Fyi, I do not cry a lot, sometimes I feel weird that I relate tears into happiness, and dissapointment, no other things. I did not even cry when my Oma died because I know we(me, my family, the doctors and nurses) have done our best and if she must go, it must have been the best thing in God’s mind. I don’t want to see her suffering. Oma lived in my house for almost 10 years, the other years I’ve always seen her at least once in a week, and you can tell we’re pretty close. Okay too much intermezzo, I have never had such feelings in my life so far though I think I might feel it again when I have a child on my own. It was definitely the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life, it was the most beautiful love between humans. I’ve seen love birds everywhere, I see how my parents look at each other everyday, I see how they are still so madly in love, yet all of those are beaten the feeling I had when I read the news. #illridewithyou #jesuischarlie restored my faith, the world might get better, in fact my world is better already. I have not even finished reading my first #illridewithyou article, I bursted into tears (happy ones! :D) and had to take a time to balance my overflowing good mood for a while, then I continued reading and the exactly same cycle happened.

I was thinking about sharing my thought on facebook but I think it might be more suitable to share it here.

P.S. : This post took a long time to write, I’m still drowning in the midst of my euphoria.


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