Quick Update

Just a quick update, this is gonna be so raw. I’m working on my finals,which is a case study, the description of the project was given 3 weeks ago. I’ve been browsing through youtube to watch numeruous campaigns, my lecturer said it’s important to know everything about everything so I’m taking a little step to know more about corporates’ campaigns. I’m not gonna write this post with too much gibberish so let’s get into the point.

I was so overwhelmed with my case study, it is crazy, I usually do my projects in one session, but this one takes more than 2 weeks to be done. I’m taking Dove-Camera Shy (you can search it on youtube) because I have been seeing Dove’s video campaigns for like the last 3 months (even Dove Men’s campaigns). They brought me into tears, they change my whole perception, too powerful (you know I’m not a kind of girl who cries so easily, safe to say I show no emotions most of the times). All of the campaigns are simple yet relatable, every video (literally) made me take a moment of silence. I was so into the project, I even put stickynotes on my wall with things related to the campaign such as “Beauty is the source of confidence, not anxiety.”

However about the video it shows how grown up women hates the camera, they cover themselves even throw things to avoid being on the frame. The research I found stated that grown up women feel insecure about how the look, in fact 77% women are camera shy because they don’t feel good enough to be on camera.

“When did you stop thinking you’re beautiful?”
Later the video shows how little girls are not insecure, they love themselves, they have a positive body image, they don’t care how they look on camera, they are full of confidence.

Women, if you have a spare time please do check Dove’s campaigns on youtube, I hope they will empower you as they empowered me.

“Isn’t it time to redefine beauty?”

*all quotes were taken from Dove’s campaign*


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