No promises made, but…

Heyho the amazing people of WordPress, and the world wide web in general!

I’m finally back after years! Life has been treating me good. Quick update, I’ve done my study as per July, did a lot more traveling than I used to, and have finally joined the workforce! Can you believe it? Life has been going too fast, I’m coping well with it but I wish I could just embrace every.passing.second!

I’ve been done with all my classes since last year, actually 18 July 2016 was my first day as and intern. I’ve completed a 7-months internship at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta, I’ll explain more about it in the upcoming posts. I’ve done a brief internship too as a copywriter and translator. Done my internship report and thesis, done with school, yay! I actually didn’t come to my commencement but that’s a whole other post. (so much to update, so little time!)

I’ve been learning French for the past months, almost a year. It’s been good, I survived a 2 weeks trip with my lame French, using English sooo minimally. I’ve been learning to code too, not enjoying it so far, but you know to code is to conquer the digital era. #millenials

And well, this girl landed her first job last May, in a field she’s so passionate about! Lucky, I know ha! Woot woot! I’m currently working for a digital agency taking care of the giant FMCG company in Indonesia, and the world, it’s huge and amazing in general hahaha.

I don’t do too much writing for the job, so I’ve been dying to do so. Then here I am back to wordpress, rambling as always. I’m not promising anything, but I MIGHT post more frequently. We’ll see how long will it last.


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